Welcome. This site is a scrapbook of my whole foods cooking journey. Okay, so it’s a bit fancier than a scrapbook but you’ll come to know that I like things a little bit fancy. Not too fancy mind you, just enough to make it fun!

I love cooking, traveling, and photography, beauty, …… I share recipes and photos of real food and events that intersect my daily life. The recipes I share are often my own, and some are inspired by friends, places, or my cookbook collection.

I cook primarily with natural, unprocessed ingredients and, when possible, organic. I am aware that for a lot of people, fresh organic produce and ingredients are not easily accessible so I try not to preach about it. If you use organic ingredients, that’s fantastic. If not, then use what you’re comfortable with. Where possible, I try to list alternatives to certain grains, sweeteners or other ingredients that me be difficult to find.

Want to say hi? Don’t be shy… email me at: joe (at) edenkitchen (dot) com

About Joe Rich
A few years ago I didn’t even know what a lentil was. After graduating university at age 20, I spent up to 12 hours a day in an office as national marketing manager for Starbucks Coffee, throwing myself at every opportunity that came along. Cooking was simply not something I had time for.

In 2009 I got restless and, after an amazing 5 year corporate adventure, decided it was time to chase some new dreams. So here we are. This blog is proof that I am trying to make it happen. When I’m not cooking or learning how to use my newfangled camera, I spend my days carving a path as a freelance brand and marketing consultant.